Sunday, August 30, 2009

29 August 2009: Residents get busy ...

The soil being prepared by residents. The sand piles behind them will become a grass-covered hill for the children to play on in the Children's Garden.

29 Aug 09 - Preparing for the launch

Meeting with the residents on the square, Ivan explains the plan as we prepare for our official launch next week, 5th September.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Council workers finished for now.

August 2009: Some of the Council crew who have become our friends while working on our Circle. "We really appreciate all your effort and hard work!"

Missing from this picture is Basil Salies, the Foreman, to whom we owe a BIG THANKS for all his support, ingenuity and co-operation.

The Multi-Purpose Court

August 2009: The Council guys finish off the levelling of the court area. This is the area we would like to have tarred, but due to a lack of funds, can not be done by the Council. Any help, suggestions or donations to make this dream a reality would be most welcome!

Main pathway and court area

August 2009: The main pathway across the circle and the multi-purpose court is outlined with concrete edgings.

Borders and Paths are done.

August 2009: Finally, everyone can see what the tyres are for. How neatly they outline the foot path and border area! Some didn't like it, but after all they too have to admit that it works. Moreover, they are durable and didn't cost a cent! You won't even see them once the shrubs start to grow ...


August 2009: Council workers use all their strength to dig through hard layers of gravel to create trenches to outline the border area.

New hill created!

August 2009: The children from the Circle thoroughly enjoy playing on the new hill, thanks to the work of the loader.

The Loader finally arrives!

August 2009: The Loader scoops up the new grass which has sprung up with the Winter rains. The levelling of the Circle will take a few days.

Tyres for Africa!

July 2009: One of the first things to happen is the delivery of truckloads of tyres with compliments from the City Council! Many residents are wondering what on earth they are for!

Garden Plan

May - August 2009:

The Committee has come up with a plan for the garden from our various meetings.

City Council give us a hand-up.

July 2009: The City Council agrees to assist us. The Circle will be levelled and pathways constructed.
Pictured here is (from right to left) Gerald Morkel, Asanda Roji and Ivan Beckett.

April 2009 - A new beginning

April 2009: This is how the Circle has looked for decades! Previous attempts to plant trees failed miserably due to lack of community involvement, lack of water and general disregard.

This month saw a new beginning for the Circle with the start of the WCCG Committee consisting of 15 residents from the Circle. We intend to meet once a month to plan and manage the community garden.