Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jeffrey and friends

This is our hardworking caretaker, Jeffrey, who faithfully works on the Circle every day, rain or shine. Most of the residents contribute towards a salary for him, others give him food or clothing. This photo was taken on his birthday in February.

These are Jeffrey's friends Ryan, Mario and Phillip, who all helped to dig the trenches in the food garden.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

February updates

See how the pond area looks now!
Rockery next to pond area.

An enthusiastic resident varnishes the benches early one morning.

The compost heaps are turned for the first time. They are looking good after only 3 weeks! There are no traces of all the rotten greens we sandwiched in-between the layers.

Inside view of a curved trench bed in the food garden. Below the layer of gravel (as hard as concrete!) is white sea sand! Deep trench gardening is the only way to go with soil like this. We are driving to veggie people each week begging for their rotten greens (and then having to sort it all out by hand to eliminate the plastic packaging - yuck!)
We have even 'hi-jacked' bakkies (vans) loaded with garden refuse and persuaded them to come and off-load on the Circle! So far 5 curved trenches have been prepared around the central tyre. A further 5 straight beds, 3m x 1m wide are being dug with pick-axes and muscle power in sweltering heat and howling South-Easter winds. Our consolation is that this hard labour is a once-off event, as the trenches will never have to be dug again!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Food Garden update

Thanks to the generosity of friends and residents, a rail is installed so that the big gate can slide open.
The first of 5 compost heaps

The tractor tyre in the center of our 'meeting ring' is planted with different herbs.

The very first meeting taking place in the Food Garden.