Saturday, April 17, 2010

Look at me now... 6 months later!

We began planting in September 2009 and these photos were taken in March 2010. Amazing, isn't it!?

Medicinal Herb Garden

Near the Food Garden, is a fairly large piece of land, which has been dedicated as the Medicinal Herb Garden. Our idea is to revive the age-old use of plants for common ailments in the community. Without our knowing it, we already have many medicinal plants growing all around the Circle! Slowly we are taking cuttings, transplanting and sowing seeds to add to this immensely important part of the Garden.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Donations - Thank You!

We were blessed by The Garden Shop in Constantia, who gave us loads of seedlings, plants and even proteas and trees!
Through FreeCycle we were able to get this shadecloth for the Food Garden.
Thank you!!!

Easter... and Sarah is back!

The children enjoy playing on the grass near the swings.
Lining up to receive their easter egg parcels, kindly made by Aunty Valerie.

Searching for chocolate eggs in the garden. The clue for this one was: "What recycled material was used to make the pathways?"

Sarah White gathered all the children on the Circle. The clue to find some of the chocolate eggs was: "What do we do with rubbish on the Circle?" The answer was to throw it in the green Council bins, where we had taped some eggs underneath.

While others were hiding the eggs around the Circle gardens, Sarah entertained the kids with a colouring-in contest.