Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Food Garden update... months later

Sadly, it has not gone as we anticipated in the food garden. The community are not getting involved, as we had hoped. Back in March, we offered a plot to anyone willing to come and work it, and reap their own harvest as reward. A few came forward and showed interest, but never returned. We don't know why and haven't had the time or energy to find out either. The result? The bulk of the work rests on two of us, to plant, weed, water, sow, transplant, plan ahead for 40 food plots. The task is daunting. It beats me how able-bodied men can sit around and watch women carting wheelbarrows, hauling huge bags and digging hard ground, without offering to help. But it happens, often.

The children are more enthusiastic about it than the adults. Recently, we were blessed to have the voluntary services of two dear friends Jeff & Rosalind, who offered their Saturday mornings to help us prepare the garden for the summer crops. Rosalind is an ex-gardening teacher from a Waldorf school, and the children love her gentle manner and huge amount of patience, as she teaches them about gardening.

Next time I'll tell you about all the things we've planted, and hopefully have some pics to show too!