Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Harvest for all!

The Chillies that we planted months ago have finally borne fruit!

The veggies have been growing at a terrific rate and each morning they look like they have grown double in size! We have been doing so much harvesting it seems that there is an unending stream of ever growing vegetables rejoicing in our African sunshine!
Here are some of the vegetables that we harvested during December and January. We have had many eggfruit (brinjals or aubergines) and spring onions and almost every day we pick a full basket of ripe tomatoes that we have shared with the community, and now are experimenting with sun-drying them in our hot car parked outside! We also made tomato jam.

The eggfruit came in many different, interesting shapes and sizes. We even had one that looked like it had a thumb and first finger which pointed out of it!
In December we installed an irrigation system which has saved us a lots of time in the morning and evening that would of been spent manually watering the garden.

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