Sunday, November 6, 2011

Food Garden update: November

It's incredible what happens to the plant-world in Spring.
One minute, the plant has just appeared above the ground, and the next minute they have these stunning flowers on them, with baby marrows literally growing by the minute straight afterwards!

Through freecycle we were able to get some bamboo sticks for tomato trellises.  Our aim is to have a trellis on the western end of each bed, to give some afternoon shade in the hot summer days ahead.  We were taught by Soil for Life to design the beds from east to west, in keeping with the path of the sun.  The smallest plants on the eastern end, and tallest on the west.

Marcus, a student in Cape Town, has volunteered to help us in the garden twice a week!  This is a tremendous blessing to us.  Now that the weather is becoming warmer, everything seems to speed up in the garden, and there's always so much more to do than what we have time for.  Every extra pair of hands helps! 

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